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Cubepool: Mutant Mercenary


Cubepool Mutant Mercenary challenges you to lock and load with a mixture of classic pixel graphics and innovative game play. This free app comes with a host of weapons to chose from and exciting missions to champion!✵✵Exciting Story Lines ✵ ✵You were working the late shift alone in the store, when there was an almighty crash followed by a metallic pulsing noise which seemed to be emanating from the store room out back. Going to investigate, you were attacked and knocked unconscious. When you gained consciousness, you find yourself in a sterile room, whispers of a deal being made in the background. Words like, "experimental techniques," "successful implantation," and "qualified candidate" were being tossed around as well as a demand for monetary payment for "capture of the specimen." A moment later, a shadowed figure emerges, haloed by a bright medical light, and injects you with a substance that immediately sends you back into a world of blackness. Waking a second time, you find yourself abandoned on the side of a highway, in a town very foreign to you. As you flex your muscles, you feel a defining change in yourself. You are not who you once were, and you know, somehow, that everything you once knew was about to change. Forever.
✵✵Thrilling Game Play ✵ ✵Journey to uncover the mystery of your transformation and search of the man who took your life and upended your reality to change you into marionette for their cruel experimentations. This thrilling FPS is full of unbelievable challenges. Collect awesome power ups and perks in exchange for watching brief video ads. In addition, pickup vital perks and blocky weapons as you navigate vivid 3D pixel worlds. A game timer presents one of your biggest challenges, but also offers the best reward. Kill a given number of enemies in the supplied time and earn a super powerful permanent weapon to wield throughout the game! This modern block world game is poised for action and is impossibly addicting! A most immersive and impressive gaming experience is right at your fingertips. Download for free and experience the adventure today!
Top Game Features:✘Six Challenging Environments✘Health packs and Ammo Perks✘Game Timers✘Running and Shooting Action✘Cool, Modern Pixilated Worlds✘Loading Screen Game Tips✘Power Ups✘Blocky Weapon Pickups
Featured Game Levels:
Level 1: HighwayEnemies: 20Your first mission is to capture a gang but in the action, a highway is destroyed. Brace yourself for the worst.
Level 2: Fire TownEnemies: 26This is the place where were abducted from for the experimental treatment. Battle the legion that awaits you to stop your budding powers.
Level 3: HospitalEnemies: 35This is the place where you awoke from the experimental treatment. Explosive FPS action awaits you around every corner.
Level 4: HighwayEnemies: 35Return to the place of your newfound powers and experience aggressive combat action.
Level 5: Fire TownEnemies: 39Head an impressive mission against brutal enemies in a fight to the death,
Level 6: HospitalEnemies: 39Return for revenge. Leave a conqueror-- the master of your own fate!
Enemy Variety:HumansCommon ThievesGangsters Mutants